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Paid a Bribe of Rs 500 for Passport verification at Barasat Police station

Reported on April 4, 2017 from Barasat , West Bengal  ι Report #159319

I had applied for a new passport and after about 20 days, I got a call on 02 April 2017 from Barasat police station for verification of my identity . He asked me to come on 03rd April and meet him to complete the process

I went to the police station at 11 am on 03rd April 2017 , with all my identification documents and met a Sub -inspector (they were not wearing nameplates). After looking at my documents he asked me to pay him Rs 500. I asked him why was he asking me for money and told him that I had all the required documents in place for him to complete the process. His tone suddenly changed and he said 'if I don't sign, then you won't get your passport'.

I told him that I didn't have Rs 500 to pay him - can I give 200. He went to ask his supervisor and came out to tell me that Rs 500 was standard. I was scared and wanted to get the passport process done, since I am 70 years old and me and my wife did not want to go through this process again. I had to pay Rs 500. He signed some papers and asked me to leave. I have yet to get my passport but this incident has scared me. I was taken aback by the policeman's attitude and I request action to be taken against him.

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