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Paid bribe at Sub-Registrar office Raisinghnagar

Reported on September 25, 2020 from Ganganagar , Rajasthan  ι Report #224817

I bought a house and property registration of the same was done. Earlier we decided that we will directly go to sub registrar and get our sale deed registered. But the system is not that straight forward. You cannot reach out to SR directly, there is a SR clerk with whom you need to contact first. So we were told by our broker that it is not possible to get through this process without paying bribe, they will reject your sale deed. He told us that generally SR staff take 1% of registry amount but he can talk to them for discount and finally they agreed to INR. 18000. I agreed because seller party was from another city and they can't visit again and again. Below are the details of people involved :-
Gurpal Singh :- Broker(+91-9413540959)
Krishan Kumar :- SR clerk(+91-6376769957)
We paid 9 notes of INR. 2000 to Gurpal Singh and after that he called Krishan Kumar and they both went to the back side of office.
The person who entered the data into the system also took INR. 300 rupee. I am not sure whether that was fee or something like that but no receipt of the same was given.
AFAIK broker and SR clerk use different mobile numbers while discussing about these bribe things. I know staying anonymous is not going to have any impact. And also these details are so specific that they will get to know about me just by seeing the amount and date. So request you to please there should be no identity reveal.
NOTE :- Please do not publish any specific detail like amount and date it will end up revealing my identity.

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