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Paid bribe to Easter Rail police at Train to avoid detention from the train

Reported on March 16, 2011 from Gaya , Bihar  ι Report #26246

Coming back from college from Delhi to Kolkata after graduation, I was carrying back my desktop computer, the monitor and case in two packages. I was supposed to get the receipt for this cases (although they were not new, 2 year old computers) from the railway station at Delhi, in a hurry, I didn't. About 1 AM at night when the Kalka Mail just left the Gaya station at Bihar, a couple of cops stopped by, woke me up, as I was sleeping on my berth, and asked me if the computer case was mine. I said yes. He asked me for transit receipt. I said I don't have it and the cases were beneath the seats and wasn't causing any trouble to anyone. Anyway, they said I have to pay Rs. 600 as fine. I said I don't have that much money with me. I know it couldn't be Rs. 600, the actual transit receipt cost Rs 40. So they said I will have to pay them Rs 150. I said I won't. They said I will have to get down at the next station. I wanted to take on the fight. I was 22 year old and there was no lack of adrenaline. So I said, Ok, I will get down and report to the railway police at the station. Maybe I will pay the fee at the station but not to them. So they asked me to take the case and walk. The train was still in transit. The cops asked me to move from one compartment to another, with the monitor and computer case in my hand. After a few compartments when it was clear they won't let it go and will continue to harass I agreed to pay Rs 140.

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