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Reported on October 7, 2010 from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #30359

i am not sure about the ********** when it happens, but still i cant forget that day in my life ever. i was doing my college 2nd year and that was my exam time. my uncle met with an accident and some people brought him to GH hospital. since he was a conductor in government bus, doctors took special care on him. but no use, we missed him. its alerady 7 pm and those helping people in martuary went off. doctors called them in-personal and asked them to atten us. but they refused, we all went and talk with those persons for 2 hrs but they didnt accept. since the next 2 days r holidays they told that they can give my uncle's body after 2 days. we got shocked and talked with them again. only one man accept it, but to do a martuary they need atleast 3 people, we were about to beg those people. the second person started demanding Rs.10000/- to atten my uncle. atlast we fought and make it as Rs.8000/- and they need one more person also. at last my dad went in and helped those guys to atten my uncle, and they gave my uncle's body by 10.00PM atlast. VERY WORST WORLD that too in MARTUARY... they forgot that they too will come and sleep in matuary one fine day... GREEDY PEOPLE :(

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