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Paying Bribe is Compulsary for registering a property.

Reported on August 22, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #30961

I bought a plot near Vidyaranyapura, when asked about the registration expenses he said about 1L plus 15000, whats this 15000, then it was said its bribe to be paid to the Registrar, when i said i have all the proper documents right money why should i bribe, it was said to me its compulsory and if not paid some or the other mistake will be found in my documents and it will stop me getting the property registered and I will have to come back, its not just me also the seller has to come back, both of us are working professional and the seller leaves in Hubli and the registration can only happen on weekdays, so coming once again getting with the rectification will cost me a bit more, now whats the guarantee he wouldn't find an another mistake @ the second time as well.
Now what do you say is that good to pay what he asks or is it to go with rules and rome around registrar to get the work done.
I would say there should be list of documents required to get some work done in any government office just like a Passport or a Visa application.

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