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Payment of bribe while making changes in Registration agreement

Reported on May 30, 2017 from Barasat , West Bengal  ι Report #164309

I am working as a Probationary Officer with a reputed nationalized bank since 2015. This incident happened today i.e. on 29-05-2017 with a customer of our Bank. The customer had a problem with the Agreement for sale without possession deed of his. Since the Flat was purchased by taking loan from our bank the property was mortgaged in the Bank's favour. In view of the same I had to accompany his lawyer to the court for rectifying the deed since he is a well known customer of our branch. The customer stays at Delhi and he was not present today.Since the property was mortgaged in favour of the bank the entire process had to be completed within today. Upon visiting the Barasat DSR court no 2 today at around 3:00 pm today they said initially that the process would take two days and we had to leave the deed with them. Since the same was not possible we even asked the SDR to kindly complete the process within today. He gave permission. However one Mr Goutam in the said office said it was not possible to hand over the deed today and asked us to Talk to one Mr Subha. Mr Subha then said to us that since they would have to work hard in order to complete the entire work we had to give them a little something for the extra work that they will do. He charged us Rs 300 and only after payment of the same handed us the deed. Such shameful acts happening in our Courts is really a blotch on the face of our society. I dont kno how much my report would be effective, but I as an employee of central Govt would really wish some action be taken against such people who sale off their dignity for a mere few hundred of Rupees and bring a shame to our entire System. Being an employee of a Bank we work really ahrd from day to night but I have never seen such an offence being made in the name of doing "Hard work".

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