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Police Harassment and Abuse and Bribe

Reported on April 28, 2019 from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #204702

Two of my friends were riding a bike when they were caught. In their inspection the driver was drunk. The cops took them to the police station on the pretext of Drink and Drive. In the station they demanded a fine of Rs 2500 for DD and snatched their phones and demanded an amount of Rs. 1500 if they want their phones back, or they shall lodge a Section 75 of TNCP Act. Even after repeated requests by the two young working professional from reputed MNC, they used a condescending tone to threaten them with more serious consequences. It is made clear that no medical test were performed on them. This is Police Harassment and violation of Human rights, trying to abuse the power on common citizen without any strong evidences. Such incidents are higher in Coimbatore, where the Police Department has been abusing the Power and Duties rewarded to them for the safety of the Public. In the recent events, Superintendent of Police Mr Pandiarajan announced the name of the Victim in the #Pollachisexabusecase, which was a disgrace for the entire Police Department for Tamil Nadu. Such act by these corrupt bribe infused abusive Office Bearers of Police Department has only caused fear in Good People who are afraid of reporting crime. Kindly, all small incidents should be taken seriously to bring vigilance in the department and ensure a smooth functioning by removing unscruplous officers who intend to spoil the entire departments name by Abusing their Power and causing Police Harassment to Public.

Incident Place: B 7, Puliakulam Police Station, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore
Incident Time: 4Pm
Officers Name : Unknown

Phone snatched and is still with the Police and no chargesheet provided

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