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Police Verification Certificate

Reported on March 10, 2011 from Shimoga , Karnataka  ι Report #26946

I Was Applied for tatkaal passport., and i was in hurry to get my passport done within a week.. for that i would need to produce a police verification certificate.

First i been to our District office in shimoga, and there i have got a good response from the officers and they didnt even asked for a one rupee & they given one letter sayin that i need to go to our TQ police station and get a signature from Circle Inspector. I been next day to that station and submitted the document and requested them that its for a tatkaal passport so please make this in urgent priority basis.

The Tq Police officers took more than 5 days to visit my home even though i was calling them and requesting them daily. then one fine day they visted and did all the jobs related to verfication., and before they went they said that that evening only i will be getting Circle inspector signature on the document. but that was a another LIE from a Sorab police.
Finally I got the signed Document(from TQ Station) after 3 working days by giving some influence by some local politician.
For this process Sorab Police officer took Rs.1000 And took more than 8 Working days.

Totally it took 15 working days to get my Police verification certificate.

But It Took only 3 Working days to get my Passport.. :)

In Rural places its very common that for each & every work from Govt Offices / Officers we must have to pay a Bribe...

Its Very Difficult for Poor people, But If You didn't pay the bribe your work will be not getting done in Govt Offices..

Shimoga The place where the Present CM Belongs too... Hope he thinks in a positive Direction and take the Correct Action on Police officers / Govt Offices.

Best *******

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