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I applied for the passport in 2006 and the incident is of year 2006…

Reported on February 28, 2014 from Barasat , West Bengal  ι Report #39705

I applied for the passport in 2006 and the incident is of year 2006 september, I was called from a DIB office for verification, he asked for rs 10000/- I had all the documents, Voter id, ration card, house deed, driving license, pan card, IT returns and paid tax receipts of last 6 years, electric bill, municipal tax receipts, bank account proof, credit card statements, bsnl telephone bill, all educational and professional certificate.
He said anyone could have all these but it doesn't prove that he is a resident of the address of the same address, also he said that bring a proof from all police stations in india that it doesn't have a case registered in my name. When I protested he asked me write on paper where I've been from my birth to till date. I wrote the entire history as my father had a transferable job (GOVT). He said that the birth certificate is inadequate issued by a panchayat and since the state is now jharkhand and district was bokaro now, earlier in 1979 the state was bihar and district was giridih and the pincode of the area has now changed, so he can't find a verification of the birth certificate. the panchayat there is now a part of the municipility. well I rebutted and said that my matric school leaving certificate is valid birth certificate. the discussion turned into argument and I was made wait till the senior officer comes from 11:30 am till 7:15 pm. Then a constable came and told that rupees 10000/- (TEN THOUSAND) will solve all the problem and my passport police verification would completed without any hassle.
At 8:20 PM the senior officer called and said that what was my answer? I said that I don;t have any money to give and would wait, he turned angry and the discussion turned into argument with heated exchange and three of the other constable grabbed me and snatched my wallet and my bike key, took all the money I had about 3200 and retuned my empty wallet and told that give another 5000/- for the bike key. I got out of the DIB office, called my friend and came home took the duplicate key and around 10 pm went back to the dib office and unlocked the key, chased by a police men and drove like a thief. next day had to change the entire lock set.

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