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Pressuring to give bribe.

Reported on November 29, 2019 from Patiala , Punjab  ι Report #217526


It all started in 2017. I was involved in a car accident in zirakpur, Mohali. It was my fault and i agreed to the same. As a dog came in front of me, in order to save the dog, i reacted immidiately and therefore banged my car into another hatchback which was parked illegally in slip road.

Anyway, i apolgized and offer to repair the car or give money. Since, it was just a hatchback of an older model, it market value would be around 50k. I offered to get the car repaired or give 5000 rs which was nore than required for the repair. The opposite party manhandled me, took my phone, my wallet and I was beaten up badly. Then the opposite party called in policeman avtar singh who took me to the police station. He was hand in glove with the opposite party, was good friends with the opposite party and started to torture me and demanded 25000 rs. This was in 2017.

Now the case is into its 3rd year and now the policeman is asking for a bribe of 15000 rs to get me out of the case. The policeman abused my father, wife and me as well. He also sells drugs to make money on the side. Please help me in tackling this torture. If required, I can get him to say everything on the phone as well and get him caught red handed.

Although I have found most of the police staff at this station to be good and helpful. Avtar Singh is the worst policeman and a human being as well. I saw him taking a bribe from an old lady who wanted to get death certificate for her dead husband to file for insurance claim. This policeman harrased the old women and took money from the poor women. This guy is so greedy for money that he can do anything for money. He is corrupt and an evil man. God help everyone against him.

I request all the people sitting in power to please help in getting this policeman removed and help thousands of poor citizens from falling a victim to this guy. This is the worst example of a human being. Policemen are here for our Indian people's security and assistance, he on the other hand is a big criminal.

Please help me. I am son of an army officer and am a patriot. India is my mother and i would do anything to make it a better place and get rid of such eveil men. I will keep on writing to the peiple sitting in power until this is resolved.


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