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Shameful system

Reported on August 20, 2011 from Bhilwara , Rajasthan  ι Report #4431

Hello sir ,i am a teacher of physics and maths and my father and mother both served as goverment employe .Althought they served as government servent but i learned to obey duty from them.one day my father suddenly got attack of paralysis .we know that in government job it you take very long leave(my father is in paralysis till now date 19/aug /2011 ) on name of healt problem you are asked to present a sickness certificate issued by doctors of a medical board .so i put my applicatication at PMO office ,MG hospital bhilwara to order of making of medical board with three doctors .But i feel said to sorry that i had to go there seven time and than indirectly they demanded for bribe and when i asked them why they were not giving of copy of orders to doctors for medical checkup of my father they misbehaved me.but i decided to fight against corruption and went to collector who wrote PMO to see my matter and after two day i got copy for health checkup of father.but friends this is not end .i reached MG hospital at 9.00 am on that alloweted date.till 12 noon no doctor was ready to see my paralysid father .even i went to deputy controller but all in vain.again i faced the problem of demanding bribe there .i was shocked that even god like our doctors can do this .this time i call to my friend who is in media. The result was i got my father's sickness certificate in only 10 minute.i was successs there but i want to ask our system's bosses that if i have no contacts what should i do say that you are right?

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