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  • 10 months ago

Taking advantage of police uniform

Reported on September 08, 2017 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #168683

I will be frank i got caught by police on 1st of july for smoking weed .. they asked me 5000 in the name of fine to get out of police station they took my sign on a register n i completely left aftr that i neva again wanted to do that ... n on that bhayander east khadi i was sitting n playing ludo with friends even got a kid with me n they just came n started checking us they didn't got anything n suddenly they asked me to blow air from my mouth so i did ... n he didn't got anything got anythng n he started forcing me to say that i smoked mariguana and i told them i havnt done anything even everybody was saying he just took a long stick n forced me to say i did or els they will take me to court i said sir i haven't done anything let me go this is wrong i already got into trouble again i don't want to.. he took me to bhayander khadi police station n started writing something and asked me to pay 12000 or else even if i didn't do anything but i already got into trouble so if this time they will take me to drug test it will be positive i just said sir i left i need to look after my future please don't do this... then i got a friend who knows him very well he started requesting to do do something the police man said teri vajha se pehle bhi mai chod chuka hu bohot logo ko isko leke jayga bohot bolrha hai yai.... n after a long he said 3000 manga khade pe nahi toh leke jayga .. my friend who was caught by accident cant even walk properly was running alot just to pay them i know the name of 1 policemen who was laughing with the another one by saying iske upar yai yai case dalega 306 n more 2 or 3 cases ... sir we only get 30 rupees for whole day how can i pay him 3000 n now a guy helped me asking his sister for 2000 and i have to give it back to them till day aftr tomorrow morning and police is telling me to pay more 1000 in 3 days... sir i dont even have a single peny and they took advantage of my past.. sir sorry to say but even bhayander side kitne log sudharna chahte hai but yai system unki mardeti hai... sir 3rd time i got caught 1st time i paid 10k second time 5k n today 2k n still was harrasing me for 1k.. sir help me n other peoples .sir sudharneka moke nahi milta ab kal vapas dekhega vapas leke jayga kidhar se b he was telling me ek kaam kar no. Deke rakhna jidhar b tere dost ka kuch b hota hai apna khacha dekhlena apan akele me decide karlenge... i mean sir vese hi struggling days hai reasons ki vajha se studies chodni padi ab future kharab hojayga... sir hum samsung k age ni bhad pate vo iphone 6 ya 6s leke ghum rha hai... mere baad unhone ek bike vale ko pakda triple seat gharpe cal kiya to ladke k dad ne bola jo karna hai karo maharashtrian tha isliyai warning deke chod diya ab kya karu sir 1k kaha se du 3 days mai? Sir sudharneka b paise lere hai sir yai 7th September 2017 ki baat hai 9:30pm to 9:45pm ki baat hai jab pakda tha sir me unko bola chiye meri family ko bulalo cal lagake deta hu but vo b nahi kiya sir kuki mai pura clear tha sir agar 1000 ni diya toh kidhar b pakad liya to kya malum sir marenge ya kuch vapas fasay ya kuch b kare...sir pure bhayander pe gunda raaj chalta hai bina bribe k kuch nahi hota. Thank you so much sir bribe chota hai sir but sir kaha se laay yai paise bhi or na kuch mila na kuch hua apne me baat karke pakadke leke chale jate hai.. unlog has rhe the mujpe mazak udake m afraid vapas kuch hona sir ... unlog bohot mare toh? Ya kuch kardiya toh? One of them was telling my friend idhar ki ek item hai pasand karti hai apneko bas uska no. Or photos kuch ni hai .....sir he was married i heard them talking about his son... sir me apne building se hardly 5min k distance pe tha udhar hi rehta hu isliyai ab sir jidhar rehte hai udhar hi nahi ghum sakta sir ache se darke rehna pad rha hai... than you so much sir... help nahi toh ek rply dedena sir please yai b bohot badi baat hogi mere liyai..

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