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Teacher gets bribe from students

Reported on December 9, 2019 from Cuddalore , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #217868

Name of the officer: Dr.Junior sundresh
Location: Rajah muthiah medical college,chidambaram,608002
Designation: surgery -5 unit chief (proffessor in surgery department)
Dr.Junior Sundresh is a higherstaff of our college. He is regularly involved in collecting money from students for unknown and lame excuses and threatening the students to pay if not they will be having to meet high officials and as he is a staff our college( Rajah muthiah medical college) we fear that he will fail the students who don't obey his sayings as our exam paper correction will be done by our staffs(including dr.junior sundresh). Do help us, as this a government undertaken college the staffs are government workers. We have no straightforward higher officials to complain about his misdoings.

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