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Village Officer Demanding money for Certificate

Reported on August 30, 2013 from Pathanamthitta , Kerala  ι Report #35988

My House is located in Murinjakal, in Koodal Village at Pathanamthitta Dist. ,Kerala. There is a Teak
tree just behind my house and we found it is dangerous to the house in rainy season. We authorized
on Mr. Haneefa, to cut and remove the tree from there. For cutting teak wood we have to take permission ( Pass ) from Village office. Mr. Hannefa submitted the application along with all required papers to the Koodal Village office , but the village officer Ms. Shiny kept the application in pending. Last week , Mr. Haneefa again went to Village office to check the status of application
and she demanded Rs. 2000/= . As we knew this lady will not issue any certificate with out money
he paid the same amount.
Three years ago the the same lady on the office demanded Rs. 350 /= from my wife for a community certificate for son's college admission. This incident was reported to Adoor Thaluk
office by telephone but there was no action.

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