How to get your Voter ID

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Voting is an essential part of the democratic process and is a responsibility every citizen of India must undertake enthusiastically. This cannot be done without the Voter ID. The Voter’s Id is essential for voting during elections and can also be used as address proof, age proof and as a Photo Id card for all government programs and other situations like applying for a loan, at a domestic airport and to open a bank account.

Documents required for obtaining voter ID card:

1. Address proof

2. Age proof

3. Passport size photographs

4. Application form

Department /Organisation:

Election Commission

Electoral Forms:

Form 6: For inclusion of names on the voter's list, missing names and transposition of names from the previous to the present constituency (enclose copy of address proof and age proof if you are enrolling for the first time)

Form 7: For deleting or objecting to the non-resident and deceased persons’ names from the list.

Form 8: For making corrections to your particulars on the list.

Form 8A: For transposition of entry from one part of the roll to another part in the same constituency.

Helplines: 080-4175 7550
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