Goa Additional District Collector arrested for taking bribe

Posted on June 06, 2017 from Goa, National ι Report #131383

Panaji, June 6 (IANS) Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) sleuths on Tuesday arrested North Goa Additional District Collector Sabaji Shetye while accepting a bribe of Rs 25,000 for granting a no-objection certificate (NoC) for an explosives licence.

A police spokesperson said Rs 25,000 was a part of the total bribe of Rs 1.5 lakh demanded by Shetye for the no-objection certificate.

"We laid a trap and he was caught red-handed accepting Rs 25,000 bribe from an applicant," he added.

Shetye, currently in police custody, has been taken to the Goa Medical College near Panaji for medical examination.