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Bribe demanded by LVO 135A - Assistant Commissioner Manjunath

Reported on April 5, 2016 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #99620

Assistant Commissioner Manjunath
Last week of March 2016
At the office of Local VAT Office (LVO) 135A

Mr. Manjunath made our client run to the LVO not less than 15 times for different reasons. The reason being we denied paying him "Office Fees" of Rs. 4000 for issuing a VAT registration. We told him strictly that our office policy does not permit us to pay any bribes and that since we are producing all the documents required as per the Government Circular there is no reason for him to demand any bribe either.

This infuriated him and then started our horrible experience of producing document after document and visit after visit to the department. To get the registration done it took around 2 months and 15 department visits in total.

However we did not pay a bribe. Our costs for getting the registration done increased substantially. It is sad to see that the government itself has set up buildings for generation of black money. All the government departments are centers of black money generation and the amount of black money generated on a daily basis by the government is unfathomable. LVO 35A itself on a daily basis must be issuing a minimum of 10 registrations. 4000 "office fees" x 10 = Rs. 40,000 and that is only for registration that too a minimum. Somedays the registration issued are around 50. In the building there was another LVO just below LVO 35A. This building alone with two LVOs is generating crores of black money.

The situation demands an immediate attention and action.

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