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Bribe for Fitness certificate

Reported on November 13, 2013 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #37204

This thing happened in 2002 when as a prerequisite, I needed to have a fitness certificate from a Govt. based hospital for my admission purpose. I went to THANE CIVIL hospital and tried to inquire about the schedule/list for the test. Staff was least bothered to inform/conduct the test. They were all indirectly trying to insinuate me to pass money under the table to get the test done. Anyhow i did all my test which were done pathetically. As per rule they should call me after 2 days to receive my certificate accompanied by a final test with signature on fitness certificate of the main M.D - doctor from the hospital. Now here it goes..... they didnt wait for 2 days... they told me to visit the main doctor on the same day, i did all my test. There were many people in the Que who required the doctors signature. The doctor had a attendant who was monitoring who gets into the doctors cabin. That attendant was indirectly asking for money from every person in the Que, stating unless to pay here you wont get a signature. I didnt pay the money... so when i went inside the cabin the Doctor refused to give me his signature on the ground that he cant give his signature for fitness certificate required for Admission purpose. !!!! I mean this was totally crap,.. i saw in front of my eyes people getting signature for the same purpose which i didnt get. !!! Another thing is, the staff and doctor didnt even bother to actually the test sample like blood n stools. Straight away they bypassed the analysis and told me to visit the doctor for his signature.. i mean what kind of shortcut is this to get a fitness certificate... !
I tore the form and documents needed to get the signature in front of the doctor
(proud and egoistic moron) and left his cabin...

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