• Bribe Fighter
  • 5 years ago


Reported on January 25, 2018 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #177967

Senior officers of intelligence wing of Chennai Coustoms called SIIB has been booked by CBI for colluding with importer Monavie Juice for evading duty by closing case with Rs.4.25 Crores of Customs duty by the Commissionar of Coustoms Jane Nathaneil and Asistant Commissionar A.Manimaran. CBI booked case and found Rs.2 Crores bribe money withdrawn by importer to pay to these officials. Now both these corrupt officials being [prosecuted for in CBI Court Chennai for which sanction sought. But money and corruption and connections of these corrupt officials in Delhi trying to close the case by working closely with some CVC officials. Both these corrupt officials close to earlier Minister Palanimanickam, who has investment in Monavie Company alongwith another Customs officer, Regis, Asistant Commissionar. Such officers need to be booked for their involvement in other scams also like Customs Broker licence suspension scam. Commissionar Jane Karuna Nathaneil also involved in getting job back to convicted corrupt official Ramkumar who had under gone 1 year in prison after corruption charges. But Jane took huge money and took this corrupt official back in job and gave him seniority also. Public should rise so that such corrupt officials get proper punishment and CVC is not get influenced with the money power and connections of such corrupt officials. Manimaran has already gone to Delhi to work out and take out his name with close friend Gandhi Donthi posted in Vigilance office in Delhi

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