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I live in Thane. I and my friends went Elephanta today. While returning…

Reported on January 15, 2014 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #38960

I live in Thane. I and my friends went Elephanta today. While returning one of my friend had to go Pune, so he took his ticket from ticket-window. His train was coming on platform number 14, so we all went with him to see off him. However, the train was full so he decided to go by another train. While returning TC stopped us and aked for tickets. We showed our tickets to him. He told that only one ticket is valid as sub urban ticket is not valid on Platform number 14.
When we said there is no such rule is displyed on the entire railway station, he argued it is not his job, his job is to fine people !
He told that we need to pay 765 Rs for three peole as a fine for not having platform ticket. We payed the fine and took receipt (though he might be waiting for a ''deal').

Then went to the Deputy Manager office to complain. He told that there is a rule that we can not enter in the Platform number 8 to14 with suburben ticket. When asked about here such rule is displayed in the railway station, it is not being displayed but it sould be displayed as many other pessanger have faced similar problem. Then He gave us a complain book in which we suggested railways to put proper electronic display of all the rules. When asked about how much days it will take after this complain to get electronic display of rules to be installed, he had no answer (and I think he is partly not responsible for that).

Through this post I want to suggest railways to put proper display of rules. The rule itself is rediculous as all the platforms of CST are joint from ground floor ( because it is last station of central railway). We lost our hard earned 765 Rs just because your fault. If you can display advertisements in big LCD screens then you can also display rules and proper guidlines also in LCD screens. Even railway employees do not know where the rules are displayed. Railway police were giving random (and absolutely wrong and funny) answers.
I want refund of full fine payed us and also proper display of rules. To get people informed is the responsibility of people. If possible repeal such baseless rule as they encourage TC to get currupt (and it is absolutely possible as there is no rocket science involved in it).

hope some action should be taken (and must be taken).

Thank You.

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