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  • 2 years ago

IRONY!! While our respected PM is taking steps to fight corruption , we are being asked to bribes .

Reported on November 29, 2016 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #137164

We have been running for the past few months over getting our land registered , approved and the processes further on . And at almost each and every step we were asked to pay an extra amount of money which was unaccounted for .
1. In the month of July 2016 , we sought a lawyer to get our land registered . He promised us to get it done if we pay him Rupees 1 lakh as the documents needed corrections. So we did trust him with it though we were in a doubt if we really needed to pay that much . But still decided to go with it . Finally on July 18, 2016 we got the document of registration from the sub registrar's office , Selaiyur .
2 . After a long haul , came the time to get the land approval . In the month of October we were met by Mr. Rajendran , Town planning department,Municipal Office , Tambaram. After taking the measurements of the land he went through the costs of the approval . Then told us that if we paid him rupees 1lakh , he would get all the signatures from the relevant officers well in time otherwise it would take a long time. Finally after lots of negotiation he accepted Rs 50,000 and demanded them in cash , all of them in brand new notes. He asked us to keep this matter discreet and that none of this will be discussed over phone calls. So we did pay the amount on November 7 , 2016 as said but to the councillor of Selaiyur , Mr. Shankar which actually should have cost only Rs 2,500 , ofcourse with delay . We still haven't received the document as the above mentioned amount has no receipt, hence unaccounted for . The original receipt will be made for Rs 83,000 which was brought down from a higher price as we paid the bribe.
3. The following week we were informed that we would also have to pay vacant land tax for the land from the month July 2016 to march 2017. Today , i.e 29 November 2016 , we met A1 officer of the Revenue Department who told us that as per market value wrt to the rate per square feet the vacant land tax amounts upto 27,000 Rupees for 13 months ( that would be March 2016 unlike mentioned before ) but he offered to cut down the amount to Rupees 5,000 if we pay him a commission of Rupees 7,500 ( which doesn't even sound like a smart deal , so either they are out of their minds or the original rate is far less that rupees 27,000 ). The officer didn't say the rates aloud , he just calculated them and showed it to us on a calculator . ( So much for discretion ) .
So now after all this , I felt that when our respected PM is taking all these big steps then why should we be paying all this money we aren't supposed to . For years we have been dreaming to make our own house on that land and we are ready to go through the formalities . But as of now we have spent a lot of money and reached nowhere near starting to build up one . And that's why I felt the need to share my story and be heard in hope that there will be some change for the betterment of citizens like us going through the same problems everyday .

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