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M4 redhills policers bribe

Reported on November 7, 2019 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #216554

Im martha selvakumari daughter of joseph selvanayagam can also follow me in Facebook as martha selvakumari,Martha selvakumari Joseph selvanayagam.
I'm former resident of tamilnadu chennai madhavaram seethapathy st. M1 madhavaram policers who r now at m4redhills police station are bribe filled recently received huge sum of money from redhills sbm tv's service centre.i left my 2wheeler for service at redhills sbm tv's service centre but my bike had a poor service so I addressed my feedback with redhills sbm tv's manager mr.balaji which instead of enquiring my query he got into violence with me along with his co workers which my 3lawyers gave legal notices to stop violence because m4 redhills police crime branch didn't takeup my complaints didnt give csr for my writtencomplaints because m4reshills policers take bribe from sbm tv's service centre gnt road redhills.the m4 redhills policers hides their nameplates fearing me because I've already took legal action on them for their inaction bribe in the legal cases of madhavaram seethapathy st.so I ve put m4 redhills policers of bribe in my Facebooks which u can see it.when we were at madhavaram seethapathy st the same policers who are now at m4redhills police station didn't take proper action on seethapathy st rowdys for violence against me my mom.m1 madhavaram policers hit my mom along with seethapathy st rowdys who work in madhavaram bsnl as linemans Mr.mani,Mr.tiruvenkadam mr.rajendran with his friends chokalingam his son gopal an auto driver.m1 madhavaram policers misused dynamiting materials such as firecrackers on my mom & hit her with solid rod which my mother was stitched in her eyebrow at dr.arul das clinic perambur which I've medical reports & finally my mom was murdered by madhavaram policers.but just to give her a good burial our of some false police cases we got death certificate as heart attacks.m1 madhavaram policers who are now at m4redhills police station are receiving bribe in forms like getting gifts like new bikes free services for vehicles rev
Respected sir I hereby request u to take legal action on m4 redhills policers & m4 redhills police inspector crime branch for their bribefilled transactions with sbm tv's service centre redhills. If u see my Facebook u can see lawyers legal notices issued on account of redhills tv's service centre.m4 redhills policers tried to assault me which I went inside m4 redhills police station plenty times scolded them very badly for All their violence & for my mother's death
Hope for good results from u God bless you

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