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This is Jayesh Rawal a Practicing Chartered Accountant from Mumbai.…

Reported on November 20, 2014 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #47171

This is Jayesh Rawal a Practicing Chartered Accountant from Mumbai.

I have been facing corrupt official in sales tax registration department Mazgoan Mumbai from some time and use to hear a lot of such thing from my friends.

As from last one month one of my clients work was being kept on hold for various reasons to extract bribe from me, hence I reported the issue to the Vigilance Dept. to Shri Wadje Abaji Pandurang Deputy Commissioner of Sales Tax (vigilance) who helped me to a great extent so that this corrupt officers can be caught and a message can be sent in the registration department were rampant corruption was going on since a long time and no one dare to report the same.

Hence after me raising the issue as the procedures and system of sales tax department are such that corruption flourishes and hard to catch.

Yesterday on 17/11/2014 we finally able to grab two corrupt official Ms. N S Naik (MUM-VAT-C-108) and the clerk Mr. Vijay Raut who use to work in co-ordination, with the help of Shri Wadje Abaji Pandurang Deputy Commissioner of Sales Tax (vigilance) and Shri Kargaonkar Vinay Sp. Inspector General of Police (vigilance).

I had paid Rs. 500 (Marked Note) to Mr. Vijay Raut which was later recovered from Ms. N S Naik from her official Desk.

During this whole incident, I realised that this was the first time that vigilance department of MVAT has taken any such action as never before anyone reported any corruption issue to them or was not willing to help vigilance to get corrupt official caught.

It is general public who surrender to the corrupt practice of officers and fears to make complaint as they think they might get into trouble, but this incident clearly show that with the help of vigilance department if people report such matter immediately it can be stopped.

This corrupt officers get encouragements because general public fear to report such issue, if this report is taken up by media it will be encouraging to whole lot of professional and people dealing with govt. Department on regular basis and will start reporting such matters to the vigilance department.

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