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This is not the first time, we make visits thrice a year. Mom, Bro…

Reported on March 16, 2014 from Madurai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #40053

This is not the first time, we make visits thrice a year.
Mom, Bro and myself visited the temple on March 10th, in the wee hours. We bought a 3 VIP entrance tickets (300INR) and two archana tickets (20 INR). We also bought puja items for archana. We were approached by a Priest while in line , the VIP line, he muttered some prayers hastily and asked for dhakshana, we normally give (100-200 INR). This time around we gave 100 INR, he stood and stared at the puja items, we gave another 100 INR. He left in a huff, came back and we didn't see all our items that we had given, he had the audacity to mention , if you had given 500 INR this would not have happened, We were shocked and dumbstuck with that response. We then complained to the authorities, to no avail, all part of the same scheme. Bribery in the name of God! Wish I had a camera of some sort to expose this absurd act, that too in a place of worship. I came back after a day to test, did the same routine, gave the same guy 500INR, and guess what I had more items in my place than I gave, rogues of the first order.
No one to ask, hope some one does a sting op and expose this atrocity.

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