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Only Rs.100/- penalty for Expired PUC. After 7 days Rs.1000/- penalty if not checked for PUC

Reported on January 6, 2013 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #31068

On my way to work I was stopped by trafiic police at a Junction (Phadke Watch Centre, Char Rasta, Dombivli (E). He asked all the documents for verification. One by one I gave him my License, Bike Registration, Insurance and then he asked for PUC. He found put that my PUC is expired by 1 1/2 months back.

He kept my License and asked me to park bike and come to that sitting area where challan can be issued. I followed him without any question/requests. Looking at me for not trying to negotiate for anything he cautioned me that ' I cant do anything once the challan is issued, so then dont try then after to convince me to take Rs.100 or Rs.200 to settle the case'.

I find it amused to see the himself negotiating first. So I asked him how much would could cost me If go legally. Then he told me in that case penalty would be very high to Rs.1000/- I told him only in drunk driving case such penalty is charged.
He told me some rules of Chalak and **********. As I was riding my brothers bike I was only chalak and hence not **********. So penalty is for both (Even ********** was no where present in the case).

Not happy with his explanation I asked him to issue me challan I will go and pay the fees at the station itself.
Problem began when while issung cahllan. On the chalan there were some list of offenses and the PUC-expiry one was not mentioned. After writing the details like my license no, bike no he asked me to sign it. I told him to mention the 'PUC expiry case' as offense in the challan as it was similar to signing to some black paper (This was necessary to take the matter forward).
After little argument he mentioned the case and some offense code (which I didn't had any knowledge of it) and I also signed the with mentioning 'Only for PUC expiry'. Then another sub-officer with him told me that If you had not argued with his colleaguehe would have settled for less. I didn't reply him any word.

I collected the challan and left with my bike and first took the PUC of it. Just to make it sure from my end that my bike was not polluting bad and it was under the norms.

Later that night I search online for penalties in http://www.ipaidabribe.com/ and others sources through google. I found out that my case was right.

Two days afterI went to the police station to collect my License with much confidence. The officer their asked how much that traffic police person asked me to to pay. I told him the case. Then he told me that as you have made the PUC the penalty would be only 100/- if you would have not taken it before 8 days of getting caught the the penalty would have been Rs.1000/-

I paid Rs.100/- and came back with my license.

Important point is dont be afraid if some of your papers is taken. Be calm take it from them in writing (in my case it was challan where submission of license was mentioned) and surf for the matter later. It is their prerogative then to keep the papers safe. Also note Govt rates are much lesser ans these are meant to make profit from it and also because they are not revised for years.

Here is the penalty tariff list. Take printout of this and keep it with your papers.

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