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Our plea for justice.

Reported on June 29, 2015 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #62386

My name is Smt Manju Sengupta, widow of Late Shri Ajit Kumar Sengupta who was a Govt Employee working with (BHEL Bhopal and later in EEF Ranchi), Daughter of Late Shri Binoy Roy who was employed in the Patna Secretariat and daughter in law of Late Shri Bibhuti Bhushan Sengupta who was a Public Prosecutor (Motihari) and granddaughter of the Editor of The Statesman newspaper and sister of Late Proshanto Roy who was working at Raj Bhavan. I am living in Anand Nagar, Vasai (W), Maharashtra, India with my only son for the last 15 years.

Me and my family is undergoing terrible violations of human rights.
We've been continuously insulted, assaulted, framed on false charges, harassed by goons and the police. The police has refused to take complaints on multiple occasions. They've denied any kind of protection from violence and damage to property. Finally on 06/06/2015 at around 11 am my son was going to the gym when he was attacked, humiliated and brutally assaulted by 2 people on a scooter who were planted at the spot to carry out the attack. The incident was pre planned which can be seen in the videos which got recorded in the car camera. The neighbourhood came and started supporting the assailants. He sustained eye and stomach injuries and was beaten mercilessly in front of my locality but everyone was part of that incident. No one came to help or inform me about this. The attack happened just few buildings away from where we live. It is evident that they had themselves orchestrated the whole affair. Our car (MH04EX2275 insured by ICICI Lombard) has been damaged and is in the service centre. When we approached the police they asked us to register a case of accident and asked us to sign a printed document which we refused. Then they held us at the Police Station and when we asked about the Additional SP, they gave us a false location. There were politicians and people from the neighbourhood, goons who attacked him and people from all over whom we didn't know. It seemed like a huge setup with some kind of hidden agenda. They insulted me, sprayed blood on their shirts and tried to frame my son stating that he was going to murder them. They even tried to put him in the lock-up but we called our lawyer who hasn't turned up yet. We had to protest in the police station after which we were allowed to return home. Our internet connection gets disconnected whenever a major incident occurs. Our heath condition is deteriorating because we suspect that our food is being spiked. (We live on vegan organic diet and lead a chemical free life) Now we are scared to step out of the house due to which our basic amenities are diminishing. Our bank accounts are nil. We are unable to find any kind of occupation to sustain our livelihood. We wish to know who/what is behind all this. We've knocked almost all the doors (The Society, Administration, Government and the Judiciary) but no one has come forward for aid. It looks like we are being persecuted in our own country. We have reached a level where we are almost going to perish. Can someone please tell us why we are going through all this and what compensation would justify such brutality. Why does the law of the country not apply in Vasai? Why are we not entitled to a normal and healthy life? Why must we suffer like this? It has been 14 days since this happened, we don't have our vehicle and our normal life is totally gone. My son hasn't been able to step out of the house for the last 22days. Is there no one who can help? Is there no human sentiment left in this country?

We are Hindu-Buddhists who doesn't even kill a mosquito! Why are we leading an exiled life?

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Manju Sengupta/Monojit Sengupta. 102, Valmiki Apartment, Anand Nagar, Vasai (W) 401202.

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