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Passport police verification bribe escape

Reported on October 26, 2010 from Gandhinagar , Gujarat  ι Report #32644

This goes back to 2003 when i applied for a passport at Gandhinagar. For the police verification, my relatives were called to the Sector 21 police station and the procedure was complete as usual. then i was asked to ********** the sub-inspector (or inspector, dont remember) in his cabin who asked me stupid questions like why do you need a passport, etc?
once the process was over, there was a constable type guy sitting in another room with a bunch of us guys, waiting to get a confirmation that the process is complete. there was a lady, who was openly asked for 100 rupees (which was huge in 2003). She paid it, and the guy simply kept the note in his shirt pocket. while i saw this, i understood the reason / process. then there were 2 guys before me. they were also asked to pay 100 each, but they said - "we have already given it to mr. xyz (who was standing on the sub-inspector's door)". so they got a clean chit.
next came my turn, and i said the same - "i paid it to mr. xyz" even though i did not do so. thankfully the process was complete, but i am sure those guys found out that i lied. hence my passport was stuck for almost an year. since, i was not in a hurry, it didn't matter, but it could've if i was in a hurry.

i dont know the scene today, and nothing can be commented till someone expresses his own experience

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