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First I leave in mumbai area before 2 month I shifted to Vasai,…

Reported on September 11, 2013 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #36149

First I leave in mumbai area before 2 month I shifted to Vasai, Thane. becasue of travel problem in railway I wish to buy a new car. I booked car in Wasan Motor, borivali.

After loan is process all payment made to dealer. I gave all my document for RTO registration. I gave my agreement copy, tax bill, p.a.card copy, gas bill, maintenance bill and electricity of my flat. Dealer said that give me Rs.5000 extra for bribe. RTO create problem to issue registration of car. As per officer you don't have any identity document for Vasai address.

As per lawyer of my company I make a affidavit and do the notarise the same that I shifted to vasai before 2 month only and every government office get almost 4-6 months time for changes of address. So please do the registration on document given to you we dont have any other document for my identity and we attached copy of my ration card and aadhar card with old address.

After that also RTO agent is disagree and tell me that you have to pay bribe otherwise you will not get car registration. I am frustrated and harasshed with this RTO agent. I wish to visit directly to RTO and meet officer because I am not doing anything wrong and why should I pay bribe.

I take leave on saturday and visit RTO office. I met agent in RTO office. Agent said me that how you can do this? This is not possible, officer is not approved because he demand amt? Without bribe he will never give approval.

After take original file I meet directly officer with my facts and explained him my situation. First he didn't give me response . I feel insulted but I never quit again explain them all facts with document relating to my new address and old address. With my bank record too that my address shall be change in bank too. I need time to make all application for change of address in all govt office. After 20 minute struggle he give me his approval.

I am not giving Rs.5 as a bribe and get approval. I said that all officer are not same. Agent who worked in department are demand such amount in the name of officer. Many times officer dont know the fact too. I said not every officer is bad but If you have all document and you are true than without hasitation directly meet that officer. You definately get solution for your problem. If officer don't ready to listen your problem than tell him to please give me in writing that you reject the file for this reason. You have a right to demand that note from officer.

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