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  • 5 months ago

Scam by sanitary inspectors of munical corporation

Reported on January 10, 2019 from Nanded , Maharashtra  ι Report #196409

I have a clinic in Nanded Maharashtra.
We collect the hospital generated waste in separate containers and give that to a private firm superb hygienic which collects hospital and clinic generated waste for incineration in their plant for which we pay around 700 rupees per month to them.
The general waste is collected by municipal authorities for whom we pay separately.
on false pretext that the hospital/clinic persons are mixing the hospital and clinic waste with that of general waste the sanitary inspectors from a specific background are visiting the clinics and hospitals early morning in absence of doctors and are themselves mixing the hospital waste with the general waste and are taking photos in order to make the case fool proof and and are issuing notices to the hospitals and clinics in Nanded.
If we don’t pay the bribe they are making case against us and are asking hefty bribes for settlement.
This scam is so deep rooted in the system even a person like me whose hardly generates any hospital waste as I run a clinic and literally I don’t generate any waste and I am paying monthly waste generation charges to municipal authorities and superb hygienic even then I was made to cough up bribe money for vested interests fearing repercussion from health and municipal authorities.

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