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  • 3 years ago

VAT officials ask bribe to issue VAT number

Reported on March 20, 2016 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #96527

I have registered vat application online and rented a shop and installed shop board/banner.
The vat inspector had visited the shop and told to pay security deposit at office.
On 19th March, 2016 when I went to Vat office LVO-055 HBR layout , Bangalore , VAT lady officer negotiated security deposit from 1lac to 7.5k by removing majority of the selling items from application. Later when I approached Inspector Kumar, for security deposit payment, I was told that no need of paying online instead pay it on spot and I will get my vat number instantly. Before that inspector asked me to fulfill formality of paying Rs.2000 to him, Rs.2000 to VAT lady officer and Rs.1000 to staff only then he can process security deposit and issue VAT number. I was also threaten that my application will be rejected if I failed to pay bribe as they call it formality.
I clearly refused to pay bribe and I am being forced to pay since I do not have any influence from higher authority and I want to start my business with all dedication and honesty by paying my taxes. When govt officials have such ill conduct in asking bribes how can govt expect their citizen to pay taxes honestly.

It's my appeal to every citizen of this nation to forward this message and expose such corrupt officers who are corrupting nation.
Let govt take action on such officials and make a change in system such that we could obtain VAT and other certificates without involvement of corrupt officials.

Please do help India to become corruption-free.

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