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  • 1 year ago

BDA Sadashivnagar Bangalore

Reported on January 08, 2017 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #145136

I applied for a BDA flat and got one allotted at JP Nagar . I have gone to the BDA office more than 55 times in the past 90 days. The files are just kept and every other day I'm told this person is not there to sign, that person has it locked, go check in that department, your file is missing blah blah. Even though I submitted ALL the documents they requested they still put it on hold saying one letter from the bank was not there.

Here're the stupid part.. the BDA case worker said he wants a letter from the bank stating that the DD that I had initially paid got encashed/credited to the BDA acccount only. What a stupid thing. I went back to ICICI where I took this initial DD and asked them for this letter, they laughed and said this is the first time we're hearing such a thing.

Got that letter ran behind them for days, this guy I think his name is Nagaraj who dresses up shabily and is extremely unkempt (look like post work he'll be drunk and lying in a drain everyday) said my file is here, there, somewhere etc. but he had it in his cupboard and locked up. When I forced him to check as many people said it should be with him he pulled it out.

He wrote something and then sent it for signing and it again came back saying it's incomplete. Then again come tomorrow, next week etc. One day I cornered his assistant to check, she used the duplicate key, opened the cupboard and pulled out the file, processed it and sent it.

The next let of issues is with the case worker. He would make me come everyday to sign one thing or the other and then say this person needs to see it, that person needs to approve. Finally on the day of registration made my family wait for 6 hours and said the DD amounts are wrong go get it changed. Went got the agreement redone etc. Came to the adjacent sub-registrar office and the guy, I think his name is Gangadhar, was nice and I didn't guess why. He and the lady and another guy spoke well, did my job slowly buy steadily and outright asked me for money saying it has to be paid to the boss, minimum is 3000/- so i paid him that.

Then the lady and man gave me the copies when I was signing saying please give us also something and I had to give them 500 bucks.

The story is still no over. I had to take the copies and give it to my case worker Mr. S****h, so came back and he made me run around as usual and he asked for 3000 bucks bribe. I'm still running behind him, my Possession Certificate has not come, my Occupancy certificate has not come I"m still running around.

Ever after bribing them my work is incomplete :(

Mr. Narendra Modi - ur demonetization is not the answer, anti-corruption is the answer.

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