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  • 1 year ago

Bribe at Subregistar office at Chennai

Reported on March 13, 2017 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #157656

I am resident of Perumbakkam, Chennai and kindly request you not to disclose my identity.

On 20th February, I applied online @ http://www.tnreginet.net/ to receive the Encumbrance Certificate (EC) of my property in person. As per the instructions in the EC Application Acknowledgement, on 21st February I visited REGiNET Subregistar, N0.1103, Poonamalle High Road, Periamet, Chennai – 600003 to receive my EC. There were few observations that I would like to bring it to your notice.

1. There were no clear instructions put anywhere in the office about the procedure to obtain EC & details regarding fee for the service.

2. No official is there to guide the people

3. There were almost 15 people were standing in a queue & I joined with them at last

4. After 45 minutes I reached the counter, on producing my acknowledgement slip to the official at the counter – he said I need to give this acknowledgement to another official and he will provide me a form.

5. Again waited for another 45 minutes to meet the second official. He gave me a printed filled form based on the data that I submitted online.

6. Again I have gone back to the queue i.e. joined as a last person.

7. Finally after 1 hour I reached the counter and gave my printed filled form to the officer.

8. He asked to pay Rs981 for service charge and I paid Rs 1000.

9. He then asked me to pay Rs150 to fasten the process and I paid that too.

10. He gave me the fee receipt slip for rs 981. He did not give back Rs19 and he didn’t give the receipt for Rs150.

11. I was not listened to others who were standing before me what they paid. I thought Rs150 is govt approved one to fasten the process. Once I moved out of the queue, I realized he charged bribe to speed up the process.

12. I was waiting for another 1 hour time to get my document.

13. While I was waiting to get my EC, I started looking at the all the officials inside that office.

14. They all purposely delaying the process and make the people to wait for long time. If you pay them the bribe they will work for you very fast and you can get the document in an hour time.

15. In-between I could see many outsiders went into the office directly and do the under dealing to get their EC. They all got the royal treatment from the officers.

16. In just 1 hour of my waiting time I could see almost 25 people were standing in the queue and almost everybody paid Rs150.

Kindly request you to please go there once to notice the official working methodology and over the counter collection of bribe.

I am afraid to reveal my identity and hope you will be taking action to save this Country and our hard earning money.


Karthikeyan R

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