• I Paid A Bribe
  • 4 years ago

Bribe for Death Certificate

Reported on April 30, 2018 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #181974

My father passed away in January of 2017. I am an NRI and my Mother lives in chennai. We applied for a death certificate from the Tashildar office in January of 2018. They asked for all kinds of documents and even asked for my marriage certificate which did not make sense . My mother provided all the documents and was told the certificate will be sent in a week.

After going to the office every 2-3 weeks, finally after 3 months a person from the office came home to verify address and asked for INR 15000, saying that that is normal to pay and the money is shared all the way up the ranks. After bargaining he finally setlled for INR 8000 .

I was upset as I was not there and my mother being an older lady was taken advantage of.
I also had a bad experience during the death of my father. We went to the Anna Nagar Crematorium. The person there agreed to INR 3000 even though it is usually free.
When we brought the body there the person now demanded INR 5000 which we gave.
Very disgusted and absolutely disappointed.

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