• I Paid A Bribe
  • 4 months ago

Bribe for using headset while driving bike.

Reported on January 22, 2019 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #197204

The incident took place in perungalathur signal by 9AM on 22-Jan-2019. I was not able to see the name of the person as he wore a jerkin which hid his name plate. There were 4 police officers and 2 of them were wearing jerkin. I was not able to check names of any of them. I was driving bike using Google maps and Hearing music. The office stopped me and asked me to remove helmet and then took my headset to check if I was talking to someone. But then he said u should never use mobile. I asked if this is a rule and he started telling that if we file case your license can be denied and u cannot travel to any country outside India for the next 6 months. And so on. I know that this violation is only when we talk to someone over phone. But not for music. Then the official demanded 1000 RS as fine and asked me to submit original license and get it back from. RTO later. But then I told him I was getting late and so he said ok give me 300 and then he left me. I gave him 300 but he returned me 100. And asked me to go. I'm not sure why a rule is based on money. And I do see people who are going without helmet even police people. And they are just like that catching people like me who have no choice as we cannot fight leaving our work. I am willing to do something to change this. I want good rules and it should be followed by all. Not if we don't follow we can give away money. I hate this. Similar kind of incident happened 6 months back near kathipara. And I paid 300. I'm not sure which is actual rule. If it is really a rule which is useful I do follow. I always keep all my papers and wear helmet.

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