• I Paid A Bribe
  • 13 years ago

Bribe for maintaining the burial place of my father

Reported on August 22, 2011 from Davanagere , Karnataka  ι Report #4229

I was back to my hometown flying from south Africa, for some vacation taking a long leave from my Job. During this vacation, I have been to my father's cremation place to pay my tributes to him. Suddenly an incharge of cremation place came near me and started asking the money to keep the place clean around the samadhi of my father. He asked me about 3000 RS, but finally I paid him 1500 Rupees. Next day, he started calling me, asking for much more money, telling that, these samadhis are not in sequence, hence an order has been released from the government for demolishing these samadhis. Since, I have left out with only 2-3 days, thought of paying some money to him, rather than taking this issue to higher levels. He asked for ransom 5000 Rs. this time. he is not ready to take less than 5000/-. Finally I paid him 3000 Ruppees. Since, I was staying out, I thought not to take any chance with them. What about other people who are having there relative's samadhi. This is just an incident. Many more incidents happen in our life. Even While taking my father's Death certificate, I was suppose to pay 100/-. This is the real condition everywhere prevailing in our scoeity and we must change it. Full support to **********. And we must change the system.

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