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My Parents today paid a bribe for their Passport Application. As…

Reported on March 1, 2014 from Bokaro , Jharkhand  ι Report #39759

My Parents today paid a bribe for their Passport Application. As needed they were called to pay a visit to a Police Station located in Chas, Bokaro 827013, Jharkhand. There was a Station Inspector named Mr. Dubey who filled all applications and signed all Verification Formalities very nicely and quitely. Soon after they finsihed all paper work he spoke "Mera Kaam to Ho gaya, ab aap apna kaam kijiye" (I did my work now you do your own). a Famous cliche for demading Bribe in return of his Job.

From very Simple Middle Class Family who never had any sort of scuttle with any established system in their whole life wanted to curb all noise under the carpet without any noise and asked "Kitna ??" (How much ??). He said very shamelessly "Sab to 2000 per passport dete hain aap bus 1000 hi dijiye" (Although evryone pays 2000 per Passport but you pay only 1000 per passport).
Since my Parents didnthave enough money then over few request and bargaining he agreed on 500 per passport in total 1000INR.

Even though we don not want to get involve in such act Indian established System and Politics has always made us down to be part of it. Today I am proud to be ahamed of Indian. Thanks to Indian Political Establishment.

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