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  • 10 years ago

Bribe to Police Inspector of Byatarayanpura Traffic Police Station, Mysore Road

Reported on August 21, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #30993

Hi, in theory whatever you've said about bribery not to be tolerated etc is correct and I fully agree to it. I've also tried not to give bribe wherever possible. However there are certain cases/departments where practically it becomes impossible due to the entire system. For eg. 2 years back my car was involved in a road accident - it was a case where my car was standing on a red light signal on Mysore Road waiting for it to turn green. A KSRTC bus tried to go past me from left and in the process crushed both the left side gates of my car. Fortunately none of us inside was injured. This happened in full view of the police personnel manning that signal. They then guided us(myself and the bus driver) to the Byatarayanapura police station. We went there, and then on started my ordeal - the inspector in-charge kept delaying registration of this case and indicated in several ways for a bribe. I too was firm that I wouldn't pay a dime. He made me wait till about 1 o'clock that night and then asked me to come before 8 AM next morning to get the case registered. I came promptly the next morning (fyi, I stay in RT Nagar). He made me wait for the entire day, made me do a couple of rounds of the RTO office ("...RTO inspector has to inspect the vehicle Sir.."); and till late evening nothing happened. I was asked to come the next day again. Meanwhile I also met the ACP of that stn, who assured me of all co-operation, but nothing happened. I came back the next day, chased the RTO inspector, who finally came at around 8PM on day 3, to the police station (till then also no case was registered) and while inspecting the vehicle, started raising doubts on my version of the story and indicated that actually I might be at fault (though they all knew that the accident had happened in front of the police)....I was so fed up of travelling to & from RT Nagar and wasting 2.5 days of mine (taking leave from my job) that I finally took the inspector aside and just placed a couple of Rs.100/- notes in his palms (this was much less than the money I was spending on buses & autos for my to & from commute to the police stn and RTO. And within 10 mins of that, I had the care registered and the necessary documents given to me. And smilingly the inspector told me "....Sir you've wasted a lot of my time...". I agree I could've continued to do rounds of the police stn and wasted more of my time and money, but did not feel it worth. If the fight against bribery does not lead to quick redressal, then such a fight becomes meaningless. Is there a way to adress this?

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