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Complaint against Mr. P K Patel - Office of the Assistant Commissioner…

Reported on May 23, 2014 from Surendranagar , Gujarat  ι Report #41123

Complaint against Mr. P K Patel - Office of the Assistant Commissioner Food & Drugs Control Administration, 56,Alka Society, Nava Junction Road, Surendranagar,

For allowing to operate Rainbow Bakery at New Junction Road, Surendranagar, Gujarat without food license and play with the health of local people.

I bought cake from Rainbow Bakery as a walk in customer while traveling to Surendranagar on 11th May and when I asked bill for purchase it was rejected. Later (After an hour when took cake to eat) I found insects/worm inside the cake.

How can Food admin. dept. allow this kind of outlet to operate and ignore safety, health of people?

I tried to find out more on Rainbow Bakery and found that in Past Mr. Patel and his department raided Rainbow Bakery to operate without food license but Rainbow Bakery bribed Mr. Patel and both the times to allow him to operate without license.

I would like to request to please take action against Rainbow Bakery and request Office of the Assistance Commissioner Food and Drugs to not to allow any shops to operate without license which will enforce them to maintain quality items to produce and sale.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

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