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I bought alcohol and was bringing it to Chennai where I live. Three…

Reported on June 9, 2014 from Pondicherry , Pondicherry  ι Report #40724

I bought alcohol and was bringing it to Chennai where I live. Three other friends were with me. I had 2 Whiskey, 4 Beer and 3 Breezers. I argued with the Police at the police check naaka who had stopped me and checked my car.
They wrote a report on a piece of paper, it was in Tamil and I didn't understand anything. All this while they stopped one more car, the driver paid a bribe and was let off immediatelt. This was witnessed by my other friends. Then they sent me witha police officer and alcohol to the Police Office near by.
There the officer said the piece of paper was an offical complaint, a 'Special Report', from Check Naaka police against me. They would have to write an official complaint, and I will be arrested. This is because 2 bottles of Whiskey, 4 500 ml cans of beer and 3 bottles of Breezer is a lot of quantity for the 4 of us. At the check post, the police officer said my car can be impounded. Here, he said I will be jailed and my friends can pay for the bail.

At this point in time I pleaded, not knowing what is the actual penalty and what was actually written in the 'Special Report', that I pay a penalty and they let me off. He asked me to pay 4000. He asked a friend of mine to sign for something called 'Sureity'. They said they will represent someone else for me in court and I don't have to come back. As far as this is concerned, the case is over and I don't have to bother. I still don't know what was wrong, and what was the actual law and what were the penalties I really had to pay.

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