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I recently moved to Kerala. Dont know local language. I had to get…

Reported on April 11, 2013 from Kottayam , Kerala  ι Report #34383

I recently moved to Kerala. Dont know local language.
I had to get a new broadband connection. After several weeks of waiting and consulting bsnl office, I was asked to consult lineman. Lineman said that there are no new lines available and we need to dig ground to get line to your home. My home, which is rented had broadband connection already. But I had no other option than paying a bribe off 1000 RS. After another month he appeared and asked me to get cable to connect! I said it was suppose to be done by you( I had translator to help me). Thank god, somehow he brought cable and gave me connection without a phone or anything at all! Surprisingly there was no any digging operation!
He came back to my home after 3 days asked me to give 400 to give me a old phone. (beetel I think). I had to pay, nothing else in my hand. He took my modem for some configuration and still waiting to hear from you.
I wonder how much else I have to give to him to get working broadband connection. Its been 3 months already.

Cannot take any action on him because
1. I don't know language
2. Others here are happy to pay him to get work done.
3. If I report, he will definitely trouble for internet connection.

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