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  • 10 years ago

Charges for "Xerox"

Reported on September 24, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #30750

I had gone for passport verification in Subramanyanagar police station. There was a bald inspector in the main office and a sub-inspector in one of the rooms inside. This sub-inspector guy was not in his uniform... I am not even sure if he was a sub-inspector! He started talking to me in singular and with a commanding voice. I got a bit pissed... but since I wanted my job to get done, I just put up with the discomfort. Once I told my job posting, he started talking with some respect (This is the usual indian social prejudice) After the documents were submitted he said "For all these documents to be processed, some xerox charges are applicable. Please pay Rs. 100 ". I was already a bit pissed, so I replied, "But sir, Xerox charges can only be around Rs. 10". He got irked and suddenly shifted to singular and said, " Rs. 100 is the charges. Pay it and I will process the application" implying that if I did not pay, he would not process it. I just reached for 100 bucks and gave it to him and left. And my passport processing went on smoothly. I even had to pay a bribe of Rs.50 to the postman since it is written on the postal envelope that it is from the passport office and they shamelessly ask "Sir you have got passport, you are going to 'foreign', show your happiness by giving a tip to me". This whole episode left me confused whether to feel proud or ashamed or sad or amused.

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