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Copy Of RR connection :: Service Certificate

Reported on March 14, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #179829

This is regarding the copy of RR connection (Service Certificate) given by BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company). Govt Of Karnataka has mandated to produce the copy of RR connection to BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply Board) for exemption of paying RWH(Rain Water Harvesting) charges monthly , if the house(30 x 40) was constructed before 2011.
I applied for the service certificate on 12.Mar.2018 to BESCOM, C8, C , O & M subdivision, sahakar Nagar , Bangalore , Karnataka by paying the fees of 50/- for which the receipt is also not given to me.They kept it for themselves.
I paid the fees and submitted the request form to the person called Krishnappa( mob no : 9964599781). This person krishnappa calls me the same day(12.mar.2018) to come and collect. I went in the evening but person was not available. So i went the next day in the evening around 4:00 PM. This person with out any hesitation asks for Rs 100/- . For a moment i did not pay and eventually i had to or else , i would not get a service certificate.
If i had not paid , i would not have got service certificate, which in turn means i had to pay RWH(Rain water harvesting) charges every month to BWSSB which comes anywhere between 350-400/- a month.
Request you to take this up with concerned officer and take required and necessary action at the earliest.

Thanks !!
Concerned Citizen Of Bharath.

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