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  • 5 years ago

Corrupt india

Reported on January 7, 2020 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #218953

Hello sir, My uncle just coming india yesterday night at ahmedabad airport from New Zealand. And i gave him 2 iphone , iphone 8 plus and iphone 11 pro.. and they called by custom department. The officer told him that they are not allowed with these phone. They force him to pay 42,000/- custom duty for these phone. He just arrived that's why they haven't got money at that time. But his son gave him 600 nzd for his expenses. And these bloody corrupt office force him to pay 600$. They felt helpless at that time and gave 600$ with the passport.My uncle dont know his name. You can check cameras if you want, he was at counter around 1:00 o'clock at night. It is bloody bad experience with them. I'm going to tell my friends and all the relatives which are here to not go india ever..
I'm felling helpless to come my home country. If you can then take strict actions against these bloody corrupt officers who are cheating with our nation. Please take strict action. Hope you can save our nation from this corrupt officers

Singapor airlines
SQ530 arrived at 21:50 evening on 6/1/20

Thank you

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