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  • 6 years ago

Corrupted HOD who is also prinicipal of our college

Reported on July 3, 2018 from Kadapa , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #185086

Well , this has been happening for ages in my college XXXXX . Maintaing fear amongst students by failing them again and again . In BDS once you fail , you are into a new batch called called referred batch. This referred batch is separated from the regular batch and are 6 months behind from other students . So each time you fail , you go 6 months behind everytime . This rule has been used to perfection by our college staff to maintain fear amongst students . They tell us to buy instruments , if we dont we are outrightly said that we will be failed . Even if we give them what they need , they still fail us. We 2nd year students (2016 batch) of this college were asked to buy 2 instruments by our prostho department HOD and principal of this collegeXXXX The instruments are 1) Acrylizer (33K rupees) 2) Suction Pump (10k rupees) They still say they are gonna fail atleast 20 members from our ongoing practicals as the referred batch which was separated from us in the 1st year is small and they want to add more members to it . I dont understand whats the logic benhind that . We as students were proud of us as there were least members in referred from our batch but supposedly our professors arent happy for unknown reasons. Most of our college is corruped especially XXXXX who gets immense satisfaction by failing students . As children we were said Teachers are like candles who consume themselves to give light but here we are being burned by their flame . They are playing with our lives which force us to think of taking harsh steps like dropping out of the college or commiting suicide . I have written this while tears were rolling down as a last hope . Hope this reaches the concerned authorities .

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