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  • 5 years ago

Corruption Against MNREGA in Unakoti District of Tripura

Reported on November 28, 2016 from Kailasahar , Tripura  ι Report #136907

Requested Sir,
Thanks for read my complaint. I goes many time BDO to District magistrate level for take action to Corruption against MNREGA in Panchayat level,Unakoti District,Tripura. They not responded yet .However,Finally I found online complaint desk. I hope must taken legal action with them who cheat with labour and country.
I am Diluar Hussain of Unakoti, Tripura ,Unemployed youth and MNREGA job card holder also of Noorpur Gaon Panchayat.When I complaint to BDO they ( G/P) stopped my payment of MNREGA. I want to say, when start MNREGA scheme some people get huge money, make Banglow,Real estate,Car, landed property and much more.Before lunch MNREGA they have not anything. You can inquiry their history if any doubt.
Our G/P have near about 1000 Job card Holder. Most of labour don’t know where to their money. Not entry work (MIS) of many labour till yet for current financial year 2016-2017. I am one of them. They (G/P) worked by mechanical crane so deprived many labour. When pay labour payment in Panchayat office they (G/P Chairman/ member ) force and take half of payment from labour and say not get any payment in future if not give half of payment. So helpless labour give half payment. Some labour get pay/worked 100-110 days who have good relation with G/P member.Rest of labour get 30/40 days work/payment in a financial year.Not get equal work or pay all of labour.Also get payment of some govt. employee family.For example. Husband is state govt. employee and wife geting fully payment of MNREGA. Also , some family have 17+ member everybody have job card (joined or single) other side some family have 7+ member but they have only 1/2 job card . Nobody have to complaint against enemy of country. One thing is that when banned 500/1000 rupee note by modiji G/P chairman,member feel high tension/depression.
Remember, I am a patriotic & fighter against enemy of country, so I will assist you to take action/stop corruption
Therefore I hope as first as possible you take action against corruption from G/p, Bank manager,BDO level by CBI investigate.
Your’s faithfully
Diluar Hussain
Vill +P.o Noorpur,Kailashahr
Dist. Unakoti,Tripura

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