• I Paid A Bribe
  • 9 years ago

Custom Department at Terminal 3 IGI Airport, New Delhi.

Reported on February 16, 2011 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #28529

The truth which I'm going to tell here is the Truth of India system everywhere but our Prime Minister has no information about this. In fact, it's very interesting to know the story for our benefit. I'm NRI and come back to my home country with my family i.e. India every year for 1 month. Last time after landing at Terminal-3, we were coming out with our luggage that time we were stopped by Custom person group and one of them said "you can not bring 42 inch TV" and took my passport with him. He also screened all of our bags in which we had put gift items for relative like watches etc. He said, "I will let you go if you pay me Rs.3500 or there will be a case registered for the same". You will not believe I had 2 infants who did not have milk from night 11'o clock till 7'o clock next morning and we told that guy-please do not create problem because we are tired in handling kids and luggage. But he took our life we were forced to check our purse to accumulate Indian currency but got Rs.1500 for him. Anyhow, Custom person took me in a room where he received Rs.1500 and said OK, you can go but he did not give my passport back (I'm sure of it) which I also forgot in tension. Our home is very far away from Airport and after reaching home we found 1 passport is missing. I went back to Airport (not same day), spending money in transport & Airport entry. When I met Custom concerned person and enquired about my passport, he said, check at warehouse and there they said no nothing is here. Then I checked GMR authorities, they also said not in there records. Then I went to nearby Police Station, there Duty Officer said that they have standing instruction not book FIR for Passport & Property lost and when check I SHO he said, go back to Custom authority and ask them to give in writing that they have not impounded and/or done any endorsement on it. I asked SHO, are sure that Custom persons will give this in writing. He said why not. Then again I went to Airport spending time & money but there Custom person said, no we do not give any such thing in writing what we can advice is that you to go Airpot Police Station there they will not ask such things. So, I went there and Duty Officer agreed to register the report but SHO did not give permission to him and then I begged him after 3 hours sitting I got the report. Then I begged someone to give me Certificate letter for applying passport in Tatkal service as I had go back to work before expiry of 1 month. The passport issuing authority did not send passport for more than 10 days where they supposedily send this in 3-5 days. I went 2nd time to Passport office new delhi and they said they want proof for spouse name. I said that is already there in existing passport and if this really required why you did not ask when I submitted the application. Anyhow, shameless people were kept quite and finally I received my new passport. In these process 20 days were killed. And you know I had come to Delhi to organise - my younger brother's ring ceremony, his marriage arrangements including card circulation & party, his court marriage & documents attestation, last year purchased house inaugration, MBA passed degree collection, Mata ka jagran arrangement, to look for new house for purchasing, visiting so many relatives. You can think how I would done all. Not only this when I was going back for work and as I had new passport with paper in Arabic then I had conveyance all the people in loop that why this not the same passport on which I entered the India and they were behaving like fools. My God. I must say MERA ********** was *******

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