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  • 2 years ago

Drink and drive

Reported on June 20, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #184400

20/06/2018 , Time around 1 am. location - Kormangala - near forum mall. I cannot post the name of the officer as he was wearing a non official issue sweater. Maybe to cover everything. I could not make out his rank, his name or anything else, except the fact the other officers were bowing towards him.

Frankly, I was drunk. I was drunk enough to not be incharge of a vehicle on the road, five times over. The cop pulled me aside, after the breath machine test he took my Driver's Licesnce and keys and told me to bugger of home and face the court.

But I lingered on, I had paid bribes before, I just had to stick around. I asked the top cop to take a spot fine, pleaded to let me go. But no, he was adamant I had to go to court, that my license was suspended.

I lingered on, and yes, patience is very important my fellow bribers. you need to wait and yes, the cop too waits with you for the right moment.

And when the moment comes, you have to pay what he demands, there's little bargaining.

The court would have taken much more, but cops would take much less and people like me would take more lives, of strangers and of our own. But for now at least, I got a discount.

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