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  • 10 years ago

So me, my husband, my sister and her husband were coming back from…

Reported on January 3, 2015 from Belgaum , Karnataka  ι Report #49341

So me, my husband, my sister and her husband were coming back from Goa to Bangalore on 2nd Jan 2015 after celebrating the new year in Goa. We had 2 bottles of liquor with us (a bottle of Cabo and a bottle of Port Wine) and accordingly two permits for the same. The permits warranted us to take the liquor to our destination. When we reached Anmod checkpost at around 1 15 PM, the policemen stationed there asked us if we were carrying any liquor, we said yes and showed them the permits. They did not even look at the permits and said that we have to cough up 200 rs per permit. My husband asked why we need to do that as were already having legal permits. My husband was asked by a lady police officer to go into the booth, there the excise officer in charge repeated the same. We were given baseless reasons that Goa liquor is not allowed into Karnataka, Goan permit is not acceptable in Karnataka and if we don't pay Rs 400 we will have to pay Rs850 per bottle as fine , when we asked which law is that, the officer in charge became really aggressive and threatened that he would confiscate the bottles there and then, he also started behaving with us like we were some petty criminals. My husband still tried to negotiate with the officer.....more than 10 cars passed in the meantime and they paid the money without a fuss, because we were not ready to do the same we were being shouted and insulted in public. The matter is not of Rs 400 but the blatant looting happening in broad daylight.....these so called policemen/thugs/looters don't care a hoot about the law and order. I have gone through this site and there are similar complaints registered about the same checkpost last years also.... why is there no action being taken about this blatant looting of common citizens when we haven't done anything wrong and also when there are so many complaints registered already....The policemen stationed there would be making lakhs of rs by looting common people like us. Its high time this is stopped and the thugs in police uniform are dealt with a strong hand.

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