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  • 8 years ago

Forced to pay 'transportation charge' to enter Indian Embassy in Manila Philippines

Reported on September 15, 2011 from Abohar , Punjab  ι Report #3896

To enter the Indian Embassy Visa/passport Department in Dasmarinas, Manila, Philippines there is a charge to enter the compound in which the office is based.

The office is a very short walk from the compound checkpoint but all visitors to the embassy office have to pay a 150 rupees 'transportation charge' to go through. I paid this charge to apply for my Indian visa and again (another 150 rupees) when I picked up my visa.

If one protests this charge the compound levies an extra 500 rupees 'violation fee'.

I have a UK passport and wish to go visit India for tourism (which suppports the Indian economy). Leaving aside the high cost of a tourist visa which discourages tourists, I resent that I have to pay this extra imposition.

I presume the imposed charges go to the Indian Embassy as only visitors to the Indian embassy have to pay. Other people who visit the compound do not have to pay this extra.

Also Indian passport holders pay this 'transportation charge' to enter the compound - I talked to one Indian passport holder who similarly paid the same 'charge'.

If an Indian national had problems in the Philippines, I presume he/she would have to pay such a charge before he/she could gain embassy assistance.

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