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  • 4 years ago

Forced to pay 500

Reported on October 16, 2016 from Gurgaon , Haryana  ι Report #129051

Hello Sir/Madam

There were 2 traffic police without name plates in opp: cyber city (near India bulls building). I have their photos 1 taking bribe from car and the other demanding money for entry on no entry road where there is no sign and the road was with divider where any person will go usually in 2 wheeler because there is no sign and I'm using the road for the first time.

I have stopped the moment they showed their hands and shown all the papers as requested. After looking at my DL which is from other state he stated that 100 rs is not enough from the beginning I was stating give me challan I have only 100 rs so I can't pay I will pay in court. Both of them has used abused words and I got irritated by the way police is doing and asked them thrice to give me Challan. For Chapman he asked me to go to pan shop? Why should I go if I haven't done the mistake ok fine, even then if u feel it is mistake give me the Challan. I took my vehicle because I don't want to pay them because my parents never thought me these and they are beating me ? Which law has given permission to them for this? I want to raise this because I followed the rules all as per govt. Norms and clearly stated bhaya Challan dedo for this abusing and beating public is it correct? If there is left with some honest officers pls check this 2 traffic police I have their photos as well which I can share when required.

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